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Press and Test Drive Events
Press and Test Drive Events need to be staged with an outstanding sense of choreography. The participants have to be inspired as well as finding out about the product. We have been organizing Press and Test Drive Events for many years and we are accomplished at dealing with your opinion formers. Many years of personal contact with journalists have enabled us to develop a distinct flair for dealing with your guests, and we know all about the factors that guarantee success. We deploy live communication strategically and effectively to communicate the messages about your new products - and above all generate passion!

Participant and Travel Management

Everything needs to be explicitly planned and implemented in the realm of participant and travel management. This is where an eye for detail is absolutely indispensable. We operate in the background and ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you can concentrate on your trip.

We optimise invitation processes and travel plans, buy in travel services, and remove all the hassle of getting the little details right. Immigration and customs regulations, the right travel wardrobe or the shuttle service at your destination - we make sure that the various elements of the trip are precisely tailored to happen "just-in-time" to mesh with your personal requirements.

Promotion and Sponsoring

Direct communication with the target group is the focus of promotion and sponsoring events. The objective is to involve all the senses and ensure that the event exerts a long-term effect. That's why we always put ourselves in the position of the sponsor. It empowers us to develop an individual concept.

We are committed to interactive communication of experience in order to communicate marketing objectives successfully. This opens up astonishing perspectives and generates brand-specific recall values - a process that turns passive participants into brand players.

Conferences and Congresses

A key factor for the success of an event is optimum coordination of all the different components. All the instruments have to be in tune with each other if you want a perfect symphony. We offer professional project management to ensure that you and your guests have a unique sense of well being. We select the location, choreograph the dramaturgy, and arrange an entertaining cultural programme.

Compliant events

One focus of our work is directed towards international career training events for the pharmaceutical industry. We place particular emphasis on compliant and authoritative advice on all FSA guidelines. Our agency has been certified in conformity with the latest FSA guidelines and therefore has access to the latest scientific knowledge.

We help you to create the right, compliant framework for your event!

Technical Concepts

Alongside the classic services of an events agency, we also take responsibility for planning and implementing technical concepts. This one-stop approach places us in a position to develop holistic solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Right at the planning stage we generate detailed visualisations so that you can conceptualise and envision the impact of your event.

Innovative media systems, creative light installations and state-of-the-art presentation techniques enable us stage a highly effective environment for your event.